Prepare to Create a Great Holiday Customer Experience [Webinar Recap]

Prepare to Create a Great Holiday Customer Experience [Webinar Recap]
Prepare to Create a Great Holiday Customer Experience [Webinar Recap]

On September 15th, we hosted a webinar featuring LiveChat support hero Marcin Borowski. Do not worry if you missed this webinar; we have you covered. See the key insights and takeaways listed below!

The subjects addressed:

Trends & purchasing patterns for the holidays
What do Christmas consumers look for?
Which loyalty programme marketing is most effective over the holidays?
The impact of your brand voice
Why should you communicate with your consumers instantly?
The benefits of being proactive

5 ways to increase sales by making your holiday customers happy

Five key details concerning holiday shoppers’ habits and ways to meet their requirements throughout the rush-hour season were covered in our webinar.

  1. Get ready for early gift shoppers.
    According to Google Trends based on data from the previous five years, holiday buyers have already begun searching for Christmas gift ideas in July. Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are the busiest shopping days before Christmas. Be sure to consider these tendencies as you create your marketing approach.
  2. Encourage people with your material
    Seven out of ten consumers are either exploring various possibilities or are unsure of what they are seeking for specifically. That explains the 50% spike in “best”-related search results, such as “best gifts for Dads in their fifties”. What can marketers like us do? Make movies or list postings with motivational thoughts! Just see ULTA Beauty’s approach. Start early by developing content that is focused on providing your clients with tonnes of amazing ideas if you want to increase your SEO.
    One more piece of advice: my friend who works in e-commerce marketing tried promoting his product films on YouTube. And his outcomes were fantastic! He used YouTube display advertising, which show up next to a relevant video above the list of suggested videos. Viewers may believe that the advertisement itself is a YouTube recommended video, increasing their likelihood to click there. He attracted 5,000 views in 3 days for about $0.0090 each viewer! In the industry, there is less rivalry, which lowers the price. Consider using this ad type in your Christmas marketing plan if you have the means and expertise to make such videos, and if so, we also have a guide to assist.
  1. Make solid bargains, but proceed with caution
    Buyers during the holidays are cost conscious. Typically, any e-commerce business tries to attract customers’ attention by providing the finest discounts. BUT! Discounts only work if…

1) You continue to earn from the sales of your goods.
2) You never deceive customers.

The second principle is crucial. Many buyers are dissatisfied by the fact that some online retailers overprice their products just a few days or a couple of weeks before the major sale and then advertise “You receive a 25% discount, shop now!” However, the final cost is borne by the consumer. The majority of clients are also aware of this “trick.”

  1. Incorporate a variety of outlets into your marketing plan.
    Everyone is aware that you need to get ready to launch advertising on Google and Facebook over the holidays and to add a festive vibe to your website, emails, products, and packaging. But during this time of year, how much focus do you give to your desktop, mobile, and app communication? According to Emarketer’s analysis of the aforementioned channels’ Christmas sales performance:

Desktop: In 2015, online purchases made on desktops totaled $56.43 billion.
Mobile: During the 2015 Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping seasons, mobile commerce accounted for almost 18% of all digital purchases.

App: From 25% to 40% more holiday consumers reported using a mobile app to make a purchase in 2015 compared to 2014.
The key lesson? You can effectively target clients by including these communication channels in your holiday marketing strategy.

  1. Create a loyalty programme to assist your brand create its own Christmas enchantment.
    Since we specialise in loyalty programmes, we have some knowledge of how to employ loyalty features to increase customer engagement and sales at this merry time. Here is what we suggest:

Award points for sharing holiday promotion websites: This boosts your SEO and brings more relevant traffic to your pages.

Give rewards for introducing new clients; the influence of word-of-mouth cannot be matched. The most appropriate leads can be obtained from your current clients.
Customers can receive greater discounts in the form of loyalty points by receiving double points for certain items or product categories. Reward customers for purchasing particular products/categories. It’s a terrific inducement to buy multiple things.
Offer exclusive events to current loyalty members; if you have membership tiers, highlight the benefits of moving up.
Emphasize the deals accessible in the loyalty programme to pique non-registered clients’ interest in the programme.

Make them pleased first, then prod them to spend more money
It’s that easy. Make every effort to earn the trust of your Christmas customers by helping them find what they are searching for—whether it be a fantastic deal or a list of inspiring ideas for gifts—using the channels and

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