How to Increase Loyalty to Fashion Brands

How to Increase Loyalty to Fashion Brands

How to Increase Loyalty to Fashion Brands
How to Increase Loyalty to Fashion Brands

Peak season is the most significant trading period of the year, as all seasoned retailers and brands are aware. Additionally, it is the era of greatest involvement between you and your clients.

Whether at a marketplace or during a search, the buyer journey frequently begins online and continues to your website. Customers will keep coming back during peak season as they consider their options. As they compete for a piece of customers’ “holiday wallets” in the era of hyper-targeting, marketers and retailers will use every channel available to reach and retarget consumers. The bargain frenzy that follows becomes an inescapable fate for many businesses and stores.

What if, though, you could engage in a two-way conversation with your visitors on a regular basis? Focusing on loyalty may prepare your customer relationships for 2019 and beyond, especially in the fashion and retail industries, from straightforward rewards for referring a friend to supporting your consumers as they get in shape for Christmas.

In addition, many businesses and retailers have been left in the cold by GDPR as email lists have been reduced in the pursuit of permission-led marketing. Brands can make up part of their losses during peak season.

In this webinar, we’ll do our best to provide you with tips on how to increase client engagement so they return the next year and, ideally, forever.

So what comes next?

It doesn’t take much work to start a lean programme or make a few minor adjustments, but they can pay dividends in the long run. If you need assistance on where to begin, get in touch with us. Jörn or Rohini are eager to speak with you.

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