Five strategies to keep loyal customers from ignoring your points

Five strategies to keep loyal customers from ignoring your points

Five strategies to keep loyal customers from ignoring your points
Five strategies to keep loyal customers from ignoring your points

Ever had a tonne of loyalty points on your card but no idea what to do with them?

Why did you gather all those priceless points?

Disappointment can quickly follow an unfulfilled promise of reward. You should absolutely steer clear of that in your online store.

Even while rewards cost your company money, the success of your loyalty programme hinges on how frequently participants use their arduously gained points.

Furthermore, one of the things that keeps clients with you is rewarding them for using your webstore. So why should they continue to gather points if there is no reward for their labour?

Let’s examine what you can do to provide your consumers a sense of accomplishment while forcing them to spend their points.

Many of these features might already be included if you utilise a reward programme like Antavo. But be careful to pay attention if you are creating a rewards system from scratch!

  1. Make it clear how to redeem points
    Making a loyalty programme as simple to grasp as feasible is the most important consideration. This idea thus holds true for using points for cash. You should rethink the method if you can’t succinctly describe how your clients can use their points. The message can read, for instance, “Get a discount on your order by exchanging your loyalty points for a coupon in your Cart, just before checking out.”
  1. Expand your loyalty programme by adding unique features
    You can implement clever, yet very simple strategies in a digital loyalty programme to encourage your clients to convert their points into actual money. Here are the two best methods for doing it:

Point elapsed
Taking points away from clients may appear cruel at first, but you’ll come to realise how beneficial it is. You can prevent people from earning points without using them if you provide clients a fixed window of time in which to redeem them. They’ll feel the need to take action as the expiration date approaches. Who would desire to disregard a discount?

Double-point occasions
The main objective of a promotion that allows customers to accrue twice as many points for their purchases as usual is to encourage sales and generate discussion about your brand. However, it may also assist you in fewer unutilized points! It’s a terrific opportunity to gather the missing points and assist clients in using those points on the desired reward for those customers who are anxious to obtain a higher value prize (such as a ticket to an exclusive event or a personal styling session) but require more points to do so.

  1. Remind clients that you have points they can use inside your business.
    Your consumers may occasionally simply forget about their points and the opportunity to exchange them for priceless rewards. For this reason, you must ensure that your consumer can obtain information regarding their current point balance with ease. There are numerous ways to inform them, such as:

the home page
The simplest method is to display the point balance next to the customer’s name or username on your webshop’s home page. Even better, provide a brief call to action button that takes users to the explainer page.
When you’re checking out

The checkout page is where your consumers can leverage discounts, the most popular loyalty benefits, to their advantage. They will be ready to use their points right away in order to save money on their purchase if they can see how many they have and how much of a discount they are worth here.
In an alert message
By informing customers that they have loyalty points they can use to get an immediate discount when they are about to leave your store, you can persuade them to stay and buy things at a lower price.

  1. Remind clients that they can use their points outside of your establishment.
    You can still let your consumers know they have points to spend even if they haven’t been to your store in a while. By doing so, you may both entice customers back to your online store and urge them to use their reward points.

Email notifications
Have you ever discovered something that you had forgotten you even owned? I have, and it was a wonderful experience! You can provide your consumer the same joyful experience by sending a reminder email about long-forgotten details.
Twitter remarketing

Twitter remarketing
You can export customer data from Antavo Loyalty Software depending on any criterion, such as clients with more than a specific number of spendable points. Then, all you have to do to launch your remarketing campaign is import that into Facebook’s Ads Manager. This is a less personalised way to inform your customers about their points, but it’s a terrific way to reach out to those who are more active on Facebook and don’t regularly check their inboxes. It can be a wonderful incentive to entice people back to the loyalty programme to display some amazing incentives on your advertisement, which they can redeem their points for.

  1. Hold competitions
    Contests are a tried-and-true approach to increase sales and engage customers with your business. At Antavo, for instance, we enable you to incorporate them as redeemable prizes into your loyalty programme to help lower the amount of unused points. This is done for two reasons:

An inexpensive strategy to encourage clients to regularly use their points is to hold a contest.
Since consumers are using their points to enter a drawing for prizes rather than to instantly receive them, they are ideal if you want to reduce the costs associated with excessive point spending.

You won’t end up spending a lot of money on incentives, even if a lot of consumers use their points to enter for a chance to win. Instead of that! Even while “purchasing a lottery ticket” doesn’t require too many points, the more consumers that redeem to participate, the more points they pay. Your cost per point spent decreases as the number of entries increases.
Allowing participants to enter the contest more than once will boost their chances of winning.
As soon as they make their initial purchase, customers can use their points.
It will be simpler for you to urge your clients to repeat redemption on a regular basis the sooner they feel the delight of receiving anything from the loyalty programme.

You must introduce prizes that can be redeemed in your store with only a few simple activities in order to do this. Contests are the ideal illustration of this kind of incentive because they have a low barrier to entry.

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