10 Useful Techniques to Keep Clients on Board

10 Useful Techniques to Keep Clients on Board

10 Useful Techniques to Keep Clients on Board
10 Useful Techniques to Keep Clients on Board

What are the possibilities that the same consumer will visit your online business a second or third time and make a purchase?

I’m sure you’ve already considered the concept of customer retention if you’re struggling to express yourself clearly or if you’re experiencing a bad feeling.

Why does that matter? To put it simply, it means encourage repeat business.

The good news is that you can accomplish this aim without using a ground-breaking methodology. You can try several useful strategies that have previously aided others, ranging from traditional to modern. I’m putting each of them in this blog post as a quick review.

The flip side of the coin is (how can I shape these formulas to conform to my brand and establish a community along the way? I’ll talk about it in my upcoming blog post.)

Traditional methods of consumer retention

A tenuous relationship between you and the customer arises when they get in touch with you via your website. You need to create a clear line of communication with clients to make it strong enough so that it won’t fall apart.

Here are a few typical methods for doing this:

  1. Welcome statement
    Make a good impression at first. Customers will trust you from the first time they visit your website if you greet them politely and explain how you and your product(s) can help them.

Advice: On Ometria, you can discover a thorough tutorial on how to create a fantastic welcome letter for your clients.

  1. Transactional message.
    Prove your concern for your customers. Inform customers with any changes to products, shipment status, or order history. To boost sales, you can also include promotional codes, limited-time discounts, or custom suggestions in these emails. How come this works? Customers love it when you present news or happenings that pique their attention.

The four most crucial transactional messages and recommended practises for using them can be found on Shopify’s blog.

  1. Live help desk.
    Customers with urgent issues will find it convenient to have live assistance available. Nobody enjoys having to wait a few hours or days for an answer, particularly when their money is on the line. Through the conversion of visitors into consumers, it also boosts sales.

Try Tawk if you’ve never used live chat before. It is a straightforward, cost-free option.

  1. Discounts
    Finding out how price-sensitive your clients are through coupons is a terrific idea. Customers also anticipate seeing this timeless marketing strategy. To develop consumer segments that can aid in further personalisation, you can even distribute coupon codes with various discounts to various groups.

Plugins that create discount codes are available for several content management systems (CMSs), including WordPress, and e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce.

5 Rebranding
Customers are susceptible to becoming sidetracked when shopping. They can fail to finish required tasks in your online store, such completing their orders or registering. You can use emails and advertisements to follow up with them in this situation.

Remarketing advice: Try to segment your audience as much as you can. Consider sending a reminder to customers who abandoned their carts or providing a discount (like free delivery) to entice them to return to your store. For this, AdWords and Facebook remarketing pixels work well.

modern strategies for consumer retention
In contrast to the previous category, this one contains strategies that not only foster favourable impressions but also assist you in creating a consumer profile by gathering additional information about them. After all, well-defined knowledge can grant you unrivalled strength.

The following tactics are part of this toolkit:

  1. A loyalty initiative
    Customers are being bombarded with numerous digital offers. They are more inclined to join a loyalty club that promises preferential treatment because they are unable to keep up with the most recent offers. They can earn points by carrying out particular tasks in your online store, and they can subsequently exchange those points for incentives.

Tip: A loyalty programme can encourage customers to stay hooked into your online store and enhance consumer interactions. loyalty applications,

like Antavo, can offer examples that are successful in your industry to make your job easier.

  1. Specialized deals
    What irritates customers the most? offers that don’t interest them. Here, relevance is crucial. How do you guarantee relevance? Send offers based on the demographics, prior purchases, or surfing patterns of your clients. Conversion rates and consumer satisfaction increase as a result.

A customer relationship management (CRM) tool should be used to store all of the information you learn about your clients. You can personalise communications with your consumers based on the data gathered.

  1. Heat mapping 
    the routes taken by your consumers. Where on your website do they click? Where are they not clicking? What areas of your website are most frequently visited, and which ones are virtually empty, like an uninhabited island? You may use this information to determine which parts of your website need to be enhanced and where you can more successfully convert visitors into customers.

Advice: You may find out which areas of your website receive the most clicks by using software like Crazy Egg. They can divide up all the clicks based on their origin, such as referrals, search phrases, and others.

  1. Client survey
    If customers receive something in return for their answers, getting customer feedback is made simpler. You may learn more about their preferences, routines, and thoughts on novel products by incorporating a survey into your loyalty programme while giving them the option to earn more points.

Advice: You can use tools like SurveyMonkey to help you gain consumer feedback, but loyalty programmes like Antavo also have a built-in function to get feedback from customers through forms and award points.

  1. Competitions
    Contests and sweepstakes are excellent ways to generate attention. Free giveaways can be offered, and if you hold an essay or photo contest, you can gather user-generated content that you can utilise later for promotion.

Advice: Sweepstakes extensions are embedded into loyalty software packages like Antavo, which not only delight customers but also encourage them to spend their points and earn more. End users can boost their chances of winning by participating more than once, and you just need to award prizes to the top entrants. Both the number of winners and the method of selection are up to you.


See? When it comes to customer retention, you don’t have to think of novel strategies.

Just be careful to follow these instructions:

Utilize every chance to interact with customers.
Reward and surprise them while doing this to leave a good impression.
To have more individualised conversations with your consumers, gather as much information as you can about them.
It’s up to you what practical strategies you employ to accomplish this. Test every traditional and modern method to see which one is most effective.

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